LuxQuanta joins NANO-GLASS

LuxQuanta, an ICFO spin-off, has recently joined NANO-GLASS project as partner organization. The company will participate in the project by hosting part of the next secondments of Susana Plascencia (ESR4). Plascencia will spent 3 months of secondment at LuxQuanta where she will be supervised by Dr. Sebastian Etcheverry, Chief Technnology Officer (CTO) & co-founder of the spin-off.

Plascencia will spend three months of secondment at LuxQuanta. During these periods she will be instructed in the technical practices and business aspects that are relevant to her individual research project, which aims to design and fabricate an efficient quantum memory that can be integrated into an optical telecommunication fiber network.
“For LuxQuanta, this an incredible opportunity to contribute with our experience and expertise to the formation of the next generation of professionals in the field of quantum technologies. As a company that has science and innovation as its core values, participating in a project like NANO-GLASS is particularly meaningful to us. At LuxQuanta, we are committed to leveraging our knowledge of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) systems to support the research and training program of this initiative,” said Vanesa Diaz, CEO of LuxQuanta. “We believe that our involvement will not only benefit the NANO-GLASS project but also help advance the future of quantum technologies as a whole”.
“Susana will have the exciting opportunity to experience the sparkling Luxquanta spin-off ecosystem, learn new potential applications for the technology she is developing and generate new synergetic quantum communication schemes”, said Valerio Pruneri, NANO-GLASS coordinator and ICREA professor at ICFO.
LuxQuanta, which was established in 2021, has expertise in Quantum Technologies and its activity is strongly focused on research and development in Quantum Cryptography systems for secure data transmission in telecommunication networks by exploting the unique properties of quantum physics. The company is involved in other European research projects such as QUARTER (being its leader partner) or the Quantum Secure Network Partnership (QSNP). The company has recently been awarded the 2022 National Innovation Award, a recognition from the Department of Research and Universities of the Government of Catalonia and the Foundation for Research and Innovation of Catalonia (FCRi).