NANO-GLASS will provide advanced training-through-research with the ESR working on well defined and independent Individual Research Projects (IRPs), which, at the same time, are clearly using common technologies (glass materials and nanostructuring) to address related applications in ICT. The research programme is interdisciplinary as it ranges from material science to industrial processing, making photonic devices and information displays and security. Given the applied nature and the academic-industrial mix of the training, the ESR will be exposed to intersectorial experience covering the entire development pipeline from fundamental research through application techniques for next generation technologies, leading to expertise for the ESRs in areas of high market potential. Supervisors will guide the ESRs to develop research independence and self-reliance by providing strong mentoring, support and follow-up.


Iliyan Karadzhov – Multifunctional surfaces for display screens


Alessia Mezzadrelli – Tunable optical surfaces for display applications


Davide Rizzotti – In-fibre quantum photon generators and processors


Susana Plascencia – Quantum memories based on fiber materials