Iliyan Karadzhov, ESR 1

  • Research Project: Durable multifunctional micro-nano-structured surfaces
  • Supervisors:
Academic Background
  • Bachelor in Physics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Master in Photonics, University of Jena, Germany
About me

Since very young age I have been interested in the laws of nature and physics. My everlasting curiosity about the natural laws of physics, how and why the surrounding celestial objects move and behave drove me on the path to devote my time to study physics at the university. The knowledge and thinking skills I obtained and developed during my studies not only satisfied my desire for better understanding the surrounding world, but also ignited the will to apply the acquired basis for applications.

About the research project

My project is to design, develop and optimize industry scalable fabrication methods for nanostructuring optical surfaces inspired by nature to be part of future displays systems. We aim to mimic the anti-reflective properties of some animal eyes by using simple fabrication methods. We’re interested not only in their optical properties, but also on their durability and self-cleaning abilities.

I am indeed very happy to work on this project because the collaboration between ICFO, a world leading center in photonics, and Corning Incorporated, a material science company that invents life-changing technologies, will provide me with invaluable scientific and industrial know-how as well as will prepare me for future career in the photonics industry.