Alessia Mezzadrelli, ESR 2

  • Research Project: Optical surfaces for display with application-specific functionalities
  • Supervisors:
Academic Background
  • Bachelor in Material Science, University of Padova, Italy
  • Master in Material Science, University of Padova, Italy
  • Research fellowship in Nanofabrication, CNR IOM-TASC Trieste, Italy
About me

My name is Alessia, and I am from Verona, Italy. Since I was a child, I have been amazed by the physical phenomena that surround us, and I have always liked to manufacture every kind of handmade craft. The combination of these two interests led me to select the Material Science degree where I have been able to nourish my interest in Physics. I graduated with a master thesis in nanofabrication and optics, and after completing my master’s degree, I had the opportunity to continue in this field with a fellowship and later as a Nanofabrication Engineer at CNR IOM-TASC Elettra (Trieste). I also worked for two years in the R&D department of an engineering company where I acquired useful skills to manage people, information, resources, and projects under a wide range of circumstances. However, I greatly missed doing research and the “nano-world”. It was then when I decided to embark on a PhD adventure such as NANO-GLASS project.

About the research project

The main objective of my individual research project (IRP) is to realize a disruptive high-technological solution to use in the field of projection displays. The future devices will be special transparent glasses with the feature of being able to transmit some images under properly external input. To achieve that, I will use and combine different plasmonic nanostructures. I will start from the design to continue with the nanofabrication and optical characterization. The idea is to also achieve some tunability to be able to change the colors and the image being transmitted. Moreover, these devices could be used in some other applications such as sensing or thermal management.

The IRP involves a collaboration between the Optoelectronics group at ICFO and Corning Inc. I am very grateful and honored to have the opportunity to work with these two organizations and to be able to learn and master what is required to enter into this industrial and technological field.