Davide Rizzotti, ESR 3

Academic Background
  • Bachelor in Physics, University of Trento, Italy
  • Erasmus+ program during Bachelor, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany
  • Master in Physics(Nanophotonics), University of Trento, Italy
About me

I am Davide and I was born in Verona, Italy. I like outdoor sports, I play the piano and I like videogames, technology and…Physics! My passion for Physics comes from a mixture of problem solving and interest in how things works, from the very basic laws of nature to artificial machines. Then, my university studies led me to the beautiful world of Quantum Physics. I felt immediately attracted by how some “crazy” unpredictable mathematical equations explain real microscopic objects behaviors. Understanding and experiencing them is now a passion of mine and I love pursuing it through Photonics.

About the research project

My project involves the design, fabrication and characterization of new optical fibers for quantum communication. In this type of communication, the fundamental blocks that transport information are the photons. Nowadays, the best photon sources are made on different technological platform than fiber, and so, integrating them in the fiber network comes with various drawbacks. My project will help developing new in-fiber photon sources and devices that are much better integrated in the fiber network and will overcome the problem of the high losses experienced today.

The collaboration between ICFO and Corning Inc. creates the perfect environment for the development of my project. I am excited in exploring both the industrial and research point of view and think this will help me broaden my horizons.