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NANO-GLASS is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (MSCA-ITN-2020) focused on research in glass materials and their nano-structuring. This project is aimed at developing disruptive nano-structuring design and methods for advanced innovative glass screens for a better display of information as well as new optical fibres for information security. NANO-GLASS will include the training of four Early Stage Researchers, who will address the challenges of developing a wide range of glass-based products.

Advanced glass screens for a better information display

New optical fibres for information security


Iliyan Karadzhov opens the second phase of NANO-GLASS secondments

Iliyan Karadzhov  is back in the USA. This June, the Early Stage Researcher (ESR1) started his second secondment period at Corning Incorporated. He will be working again at Corning's Sullivan Park Research and Development facility for the next…

LuxQuanta joins NANO-GLASS

LuxQuanta, an ICFO spin-off, has recently joined NANO-GLASS project as partner organization. The company will participate in the project by hosting part of the next secondments of Susana Plascencia (ESR4). Plascencia will spent 3 months of secondment…

Davide Rizzotti (ESR3) begins secondment at Corning

In January, Davide Rizzotti (Early Stage Researcher, ESR3) started his first secondment within the NANO-GLASS project at Corning Incorporated. Davide is completing his secondment at Corning’s Sullivan Park Research and Development facility. Davide's…

NANO-GLASS hosts its first workshop on “Integrated Devices for Quantum Communication and Processing”

NANO-GLASS project organized its first workshop, entitled "Integrated Devices for Quantum Communication and Processing," on February 16th. The event was held in person at Corning Incorporated’s global research and development facility, Sullivan…

Alessia Mezzadrelli (ESR 2) started her first secondment

Alessia Mezzadrelli (Early-Stage Researcher 2, ESR 2) arrived last december in Corning, NY, where she will be living over the next six months to carry out her first secondment within the NANO-GLASS project at Corning Incorporated’s Sullivan…

NANO-GLASS team members at CARLA Camp 2022

NANO-GLASS early-stage researchers, Alessia Mezzadrelli (ESR2) and Davide Rizzotti (ESR3), and project's coordinator, Valerio Pruneri, participated in the 2022 edition of CARLA Camp, which took place on the 1st and 2nd of December at ICFO. Alessia…

ESR1’s first secondment at Corning Incorporated

At the beginning of July, Iliyan Karadzhov, early stage researcher (ESR 1) of the Nano-Glass project, arrived at Corning Incorporated’s Sullivan Park Research and Development facility located in Erwin, NY to start his first secondment. Secondments…

Prantik Mazumder meets NANO-GLASS team at ICFO

Most recently, Prantik Mazumder, Principle Research Scientist, from Corning Incorporated and partner of the NANO-GLASS project, visited ICFO for a few days and met the researchers of the NANO-GLASS project. Prantik has been working closely…

NANO-GLASS team is complete!

The NANO-GLASS project team is finally complete, after Susana Plascencia and Alessia Mezzadrelli have ended their training period and became full members of the consortium. Susana Plascencia comes from Guadalajara, Mexico. She studied physics…

Uncovering the science hidden behind the glass

The United Nations declared 2022 the International Year of Glass (IYoG), a year devoted to celebrating "the essential role glass has in society." Corning Incorporated, industrial partner of the NANO-GLASS consortium and Diamond Sponsor of IYoG,…

NANO-GLASS welcomes its two first Early Stage Researchers

Iliyan Karadzhov and Davide Rizzotti are the two first Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) that have officially joined the NANO-GLASS project after passing their six-month training period. Iliyan comes from the city of Plovdiv (Bulgaria).…

Nano-Glass Mid-term check meeting

Nano-Glass’ Mid-term check meeting took place on 3rd of June at ICFO. The Project Officer (PO) from the European Research Executive Agency (REA) had the opportunity to meet face-to-face for the first time with a large part of the consortium…

Nano-Glass kick-off meeting

The kick-off meeting of the Nano-Glass project was successfully held online on April 28th. It was the first time that all the members of this EU-funded International Training Network (ITN) came together to discuss the progress and the next steps…

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