Iliyan Karadzhov (ESR1) at the 69th American Vacuum Society conference

Iliyan Karadzhov, early-stage researcher of the NANO-GLASS project (ESR1), attended the 69th American Vacuum Society (AVS) International Symposium & Exhibition. The event was held at Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, between 5-10 November 2023. Karadzhov presented a poster in the Advanced Surface Engineering section. The poster, entitled “Multifunctional optical surfaces using scalable nanostructuring”, offered an overview of his present Individual Research Project (IRP), focused on finding new ways to nanotexture optical glass to confer several useful properties on it at once. Besides presenting the poster, the ESR1 was able to attend talks on spectroscopic ellipsometry, thin films, surface science and technology.

“It was an amazing experience because I got to know academic and industrial experts on surface and thin films technology “, said Iliyan. “The conference allowed me to connect and exchange information and ideas with researchers on a variety of cutting-edge topics in material science, thin films, and surface technology. Additionally, participating in the poster session helped me improve my scientific communication skills and gave rise to fruitful discussions with interested researchers.”

The AVS International Symposium and Exhibition is a yearly event organized by the American Vacuum Society that aims to address issues associated with materials, processing and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities. An extensive exhibition of related equipment, tools, materials, supplies, chemicals, services, consulting, technical literature, and new technologies are showcased during the week.