Alessia Mezzadrelli at NANOP 2023 International Conference

Alessia Mezzadrelli  recently made her debut as a NANOGLASS early stage researcher at the international stage by participating in the NANOP 2023 (Nanophotonics and Micro/Nano Optics International Conference), which was held in Barcelona from November 27 to 29.

At the conference, which was focused on its sixth edition on functional Nanophotonics, Mezzadrelli showcased her research by presenting a poster entitled “Transparent antimicrobial surfaces via scalable metal-dewetting nanostructuring” The poster summarized the progress and findings of her ongoing work on the possibility to provide antimicrobial properties to a transparent glass surface to be used in the touch-screen display applications. The basic idea is to exploit the antimicrobial properties of copper and, through nanofabrication processes, optimizing the design to accomplish the constraints for the final goal.

Engaging with fellow researchers during the poster session, Mezzadrelli seized the opportunity to outline her current research project, detailing the challenges she encounters in pursuing her research objectives.

“Participating in international events such as NANOP gave me the possibility to have an overview about the frontiers of different topics regarding optics and nanofabrication. I had the pleasure of listening to many influent researchers and sharing ideas with them. These events are extremely fruitful occasions    to meet different realities and to understand which are the trend of research in the same topic I am working on”, Alessia remarked.