Davide Rizzotti (ESR3) pushes his individual research project forward with the thesis proposal

Davide Rizzotti, NANO-GLASS project early-stage researcher 3 (ESR3), presented his thesis proposal on Tuesday 12th September. Rizzotti’s thesis is entitled “Fiberized Quantum Photon Generators and Processors“.

The presentation was held at ICFO and lasted for about half an hour. Rizzotti began his presentations by giving an overview of the theory and the state of the art of quantum sources and switches for quantum communication. He then discussed the specific objectives of his thesis project, which is to develop devices in the optical fiber platform for quantum communication.
Rizzotti detailed the specific objectives of his thesis project. He also discussed some of the expected challenges of his work, among which is to find a common point where the capabilities of fiber post-processing meet the requirements for efficient nonlinear processes. In addition, the high importance of low-loss devices makes the project even more challenging.
ESR3 concluded his presentation by outlining the expected outcomes of his work, which includes the fabrication of super low loss devices and their application in quantum protocols.
Afterwards, the three tribunal members asked Rizzotti several questions about his presentation. The questions were focused especially on technical aspects of the project, ranging from the fabrication of new devices to the optical setups for testing. The tribunal was composed by Prof. Dr. Robert Sewell, Head of Academic Affairs at ICFO; Prof. Dr. Hugues de Riedmatten, ICREA professor at ICFO, and Dr. Laura Rodriguez Suñé, Post-Doctoral researcher at UPC.
“It has been an important milestone for my PhD project, because it gave me the opportunity to zoom out and look at my project from a much broader perspective. I am now able to understand better the importance of my results and the impact that they have on future technologies”, said Davide after the presentation. “Once my PhD thesis goal is well defined, I am able to focus better on my work and get the best out of it”, added the ESR3.
“”With this new thesis proposal Davide takes an important step toward his PhD thesis, while the group and ICFO open a new research avenue where fiber based correlated and entangled photon sources can become enabling devices in quantum technologies””, said Valerio Pruneri, project coordinator and Rizzotti’s thesis supervisor.